2023 Kunstbanken, Hamar

11 nov. - 31 dec. 2023

The exhibition took place in the 4 underground cellar chambers placed one after another and with no windows nor doors. The acoustic was influenced by the concrete floor and stone walls causing some reverb, which made it hard to have a dialogue but to me suited the compositions quite well.

Tree compositions moving contra clockwise like the reindeers within the fences were integrated in the 4 squared chambers in different levels:

“Entering”: 16 ceramic plates with transducer attached to the floor. The composition presents the arrival of the reindeers as they are collected 3 times a year.

“Minuet”: 16 small speakers in 3D-printed boxes hanging from the ceiling. The composition is created from. the “click”s the reindeers are creating with their lower legs. Each “click” has been extended in time and hereby one can hear different tones because - each individual has its own clicking-tone.

“Reindeers oral communication and other expressions in dialogue with throat singing by Elfi Sverdrup”. The 14 channels came from small speaker in 3D boxes pointing towards a concrete parabola plate and 2 channels (stereo) presented throat singing.

The challenge was how to combine semi-wild reindeers circular moving patterns with solid and squared indoor chambers. To squeeze the reindeer composition into one single chamber appeared too compulsive and did not invite the audience to follow the sounds and compositions from one chamber to the next like the reindeer’s movements and sounds are interwoven in the landscape.

To hopefully succeed I chose to let the reindeer circles connect two chambers with a half-circle in each. From the opening between the chambers the whole composition was audible and when being in one chamber the sound was still audible in the next chamber - just far away.

The compositions present reindeer sounds and for most people rather unfamiliar unless one has been among the reindeers. As a hint two antlers were placed in the chambers, one from a castrated reindeer and the other from a big male.

Support: Regionale exhibition grant (KIN)
3D Print: Hans Gerhard Meier

Extract from "Minuet": the 16 channels sound installation

Tulle Ruth

Exhibition at Kunstbanken Hamar.

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