2 Field trip October, 2019

Rendeers communication is quite special. The oral sounds are obvious to hear being around them. Listening more closely the "clicking"-sounds appear and seem to be an over all way of communicating between individuals and to keep the herd together.

Link below: "Clicking"-sound.

Reindeers in October from the gathering by Røros.
Reindeer clicking

The first close up "clicking" sounds from reindeers in motion using a special designed orthose with a tiny recorder.

The recordings took place during the second field trip to Røros in October 2019.

Inge Even Danielsen and a helper caught a reindeer by lasso and the orthose with the F1ZOOM recorder was attached to the left back leg.

This was an experiment and test to see if it was possible to record the clicking sounds, when the reindeer was in motion.
When sawing and designing the orthose I only had eye measurement from the last visit in July to work from and hopefully it would be fitting. To prevent the orthose would distract the reindeer, it was filled with soft cotton-like material and attached with velcro.

At this point I was not sure where exactly the clicking sound was produced in the leg. It was a true test to have the reindeer move around with the orthose-recorder for hours until it was caught again. To my surprise it did work and I got about an hour of close up sounds of the reindeer in the herd before the mic was broken off due to a rather unpractical design of the F1ZOOM.

The test was successful and do enjoy a few minutes of the very sensational clicking sounds from a reindeer in motion following its herd.

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