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Drive In of Sound Art

2024 UrbanSoundArt and 10 years celebration of Drive In of Sound Art

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2018 marked 5 years along the roads. Heading toward 10 in 2023.
Three Drive In's of Sound Art celebrated its five years along the roads having tree different Drive Ins. Two Drive Ins were installed in the south and northern part of Norway and the Nordic Drive In went to Iceland as a "Walk'n Bike In of Sound Art". The Nordic House wanted to reduce cars in from of the house in generel and since it also was close to the birds sanctuary in the parc.

In Østfold county the Drive In got painted by Espen Gudevold and was installed in Vaterland, Fredrikstad, during the annual Crafts and Design show in Hydrogenfabriken and ØKS in Fredrikstad.

The Nordic Tour
The Nordic tour started out in 2016 in Rebild, DK, as part of Land Art Rebild initiated by Lise Seier Pedersen. The Nordic Drive In was sculptured differently from country to country, relating to local context, history and landscape.

In 2017 the Nordic tour continued to Kartfjord, Lofoten, in collaboration with Galleri2/Vebjørg Haugene Thoe and The International Theater Festival. Again with a new design it was installed in the magnificent Kartfjord close to Stamsund.

The Drive In from Kartfjord continued as the Northern Drive In of SOund Art to Hadseløy in Vesterålen 2018 in collaboration with Tine Surel Lange.

In 2019 the Drive In of Sound Art appeared in Vadsø selected as the artistic venue for the Varangerfestival in collaboration with Vadsø Kunstforening.

This year the project also participated at the Art Fair Suomi in Helsinki, and had two indoor listening tents for the audience to walk into.

In Østfold one of the the Drive In tents was installed in front of ØKS (Østfold Kunstnersenter) as part of the annual summer exhibition. Like former years the project joined the Cultural Night in Fredrikstad, where another tent was installed at the tiny ferry crossing the river from the city to the old town of Fredrikstad.

More than fifty artists - they make the gallery
The Drive In of Sound Art is constantly trying to expand its activities by finding new exhibiting sites and collaborations and invite new professional artists to join the gallery. In 2021 the Drive In of Sound Art will join the Open Out Festival in Tromsø.

Future plans
In Vadsø the main focus was pointed towards sami artists and hopefully the tour will continue towards "Open Out"-festival in Tromsø 2021, Karasjok, Alta etc. A spring off to Murmansk could be very exciting but Covid-19 developments will determine how the future traveling pattern will look. Sweden needs a visit and hopefully Greenland and Faro Islands can be included as part of the Nordic tour for the years to come.

In Østfold 2021 Ørje in Marker council will be included and present artist Simen Enger Larsen and continue to Halden in 2022 and Camilla Nicolaisen as the invited artist.

Drive In of Sound Art has been fortunate to be grated funding, not fully of cause, and changing from year to year. But this support is crucial to have the show along the roads. Thanks a lot. Huge thanks also go to all the artists and volunteers for their help and support during the years.