Drive In Sound Art I


Opening speech Major Inger Lise Skartlien and Artist Stefan Christiansen
Performance Jonas Qvale

Supported by: Råde and Rygge Councils, Billedkunstnernes Vederlagsfond, Arts Council Norway and Østfold County

Artists participating in this exhibit:

Time, dreaming itself

François Martin

Time, dreaming itself

My contribution for the drive-in is based on five trips I have made during the last six years. This is a selection of old productions and two new sound creations and it's important that my playlist plays with the view of landscape by the windshield. The recordings were made during five trips; to Quebec where I recorded the whales, in Finland where I found old tapes, in France where I listened to the cicadas, I crossed the "unseparated" Belgium by boat to record chimes and bells, in Germany where I recorded a windy place.

Photo "Time, Dreaming itself" by François Martin

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Annie Martin

relaxation: songs for city dwellers

"The modern lo-fi soundscape posesses no perspective; rather, sounds massage the listener with continual presence" - R. Murray Schafer

In creating relaxation: songs for city dwellers in 2004, I was interested in the contemporary pursuit of relaxation, and in our received notions of what constitutes a relaxing environment. Typical audio environments for relaxation feature idealized and purified representations of nature. In contrast, the sound environments presented in relaxation: songs for city dwellers evoke situations of contemporary urban life, life in world of advanced capitalism. Why- through what operation- do certain sounds allow us to feel removed from our stresses, nourished and refreshed? With relaxation: songs for city dwellers, the listener/viewer experiences urban sounds (waste managements, traffic, mechanical noises) in a controlled way, allowing for the possibility of a trance-like, "relaxed" state and a deeper contemplation of our actual environment. To create a relaxing montage from everyday sounds, I have focused on certain sound qualities, -space, rhythm, and repetition - to craft unique soundscapes. The pleasure of listening is at heart of this work.

Liquid and frozen reflection

Daniel Schorno

Liquid & frozen reflection

A Crackle Scorpion travels thousands of miles up the Norwegian coast in a quest of tangible residues of the great arctic explorers. Its unique voice is heard and captured in encounters with birds on baren cliffs, an abandoned airshipmast far beyond the arctic circle, and alongside other musical visitations.

In the realm of public Sonic Art, one excerpt from this journey is cast in the form of a virtual audio sculpture, crafted for open-air diffusion and exhibited at Råde in Østfold, in between the fields south of Oslo in Norway
The mobilé-like structure of "Liquid & Frozen Reflection" anchors and rotates (three) field recordings and (two) composed/produced sound fragments. Manifolds of constantly shifting perspectives invite the passing listener to reflect on her own perception of adventurous displacing.

Daniel Schorno, Holland. Special thanks are extended to: Danil Andrej Yuri and Poonk of Acoustic Diagnostic/Kaliningrad; DJ a.d.j. for 'Ultrazuender'.

Soundscape Røst - Spaces And Spiecies Vol I

Elin Øyen Vister

Soundscape Røst - Spaces And Species Vol 1

Lydverket du/dere lytter til er satt samen av enkeltsporene på denne plateutgivelsen. Lydverket er basert p en samling med vakre og detaljerte feltopptak og soundscapes, fra Røst - øygruppe ytterst i Lofoten, Nordland. Jeg har gennem mitt pgende projektet Soundscape Røst, samlet inn timesvis av lydmateriale i løpet av de siste 4 rene.
Røst har et lydmiljø som speiler en øy med en levende kyst kultur og hvor fisket fortsatt er levebrødet for mesteparten befolkninga p denne øya ute i havet med knappe 600 beboere. Du/dere hører et lite øyeblikk av historien. Det ønsker ikke representere virkeligheten, men vil gerne dele lydoplevelser med verden. Soundscape Røst - Spaces And Spiecies Vol. 1 fokuserer mest p lydmiljøer fra de rike fuglefjellene og vi hører mindre av folkelivet.


Linn Halvorsrød


Lyden som denne gangen har fått navnet Hellig sted er tatt opp i Kassel, Tyskland. Jeg hadde dratt dit for å ta opp en annen lyd, mens jeg ventet på denne begynte det å regne og jeg gikk inn i en kirke. Der hang det 9 gonger i taket som laget lyd av seg selv. Lyden er satt sammen av 3 opptak fra denne kirken. Denne lyden har vært min favoritt i mange år og den blir alltid spilt av i loop. Jeg liker den fordi den høres så familiær ut men samtidig totalt ukjent. Den er fyldig men allikevel ren og samtidig som man blir sugd inn i den gjør den deg oppmerksom på alle andre lyder.

Landmark 2

Karen Skog

"Landmark live 2"

orgel: erik andreas røkland
cello: sivert nikolai nesbø
fiolin og theremin: karen skog. Karen Skog, Norway

Organic plan

Kristin Tollefson

Organic Plan
This is me on the accordion, playing pieces of music that correspond to Icelandic poems that refer to each season, and my own liberal translations into English. There’s also a transcription of a bell song from the church in Akureyri, and a recitation of Icelandic native plants and their English translations

Water, sounds sourced from a summer of mountain lakes and streams in Montana down to the Salish Sea and Puget Sound of Washington. Ideally played simultaneously on two to four channels or audio sources, not synched.

Water balloon: composition for a prerie landscape

Lorraine Oades and Christobal Urbina

Water balloon

Composition for a prairie landscape is a stereo version of an eight speaker sound work made up of natural frequencies that occur when you rub a wet finger across the rim of a crystal vessel filled with water. The audio vibrations created by this continual circular motion result in the production of eerie oscillating sine waves that are at times pure in tone and at times contaminated by the slip-stick motion of the finger against the rim - sounding more like a violin tuning up or two balloons rubbing against one another. Because all the sounds are analog they seem to emanate from within the environment in which they are played, creating a quietly disturbing soundtrack that rises up from the landscape and combines naturally with the other acoustic events that take place there.

There is a story I want to tell you

Reni Hoffmüller

"I want freedom, the right to self-expression, everybody's right to beautiful, radiant things." Emma Goldman

There is a story that I want to tell you

is a piece for the Drive-In Sound Gallery initiated and organized by Tulle Ruth. I used: my e-bass, my duoband-hb9cv antenna combined Funcube Dongle and quisk on my laptop and a VLF (= very low frequency) recording from Victor Mazon Gardoqui - gracias, Victor!

On the mood of sound

Ursula Nistrup

On the mood of sound

This is a recording from from a back alley in Istanbul. The work is a part of a larger study I am working on concerning with being part of an uninvited audience, to what I perceive as being public "concerts" taking place in a course of daily situations and phenomena. I am extremly interested in what it means to experience coincidence and chance in unplanned events occuring in the world.

The sound of air-conditioning systems is constant when listening in an alley way behind two buildings in Istanbul. Small French balconies facing each other are used for the storage of diverse ocbjects. Moss and small plants grow from and between the stones from which the buildings are constructed. Several types of birds live here. One pigeon, unlike the others in its large group, is not grey: its feathers come in various tones of nuanced red/brown. And when it sings it also sounds a little different to the others. It seems to have one more tone in its song, which was what brought my attension to it in the first place. The way it sounds reminds me of the sound children make when they use their hands to make a kind of flute to create tunes, sometimes with the use of a straw, and sometimes not.

These kinds of one-take recordings are a self-conscious effort at composing everyday life and, knowing that they can never be recreated as live events again, I offer them as abstractions of reality and being. Enjoy, thank you for listening.

En vän med en bil

Ylva Trapp and Frida Krohn

En vän med en bil

Konsthall323 är en konsthall i en bil. Vi har vänt vår lokals begränsningar till fördelar. Där andra bygger ut och står stadigt i Stockholm är vi lätta, mobila och flyktiga. Vi dyker upp där vi behövs. Men sedan mars har vi varit utan lokal, Mazdan från 1983 orkade inte längre. Därför undersöker vi nu nya lokaler.