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Drive In of Sound Art

From 2016 the project has been expanding into two directions: a tour through the nordic countries and a tour around Østfold county. In 2018 there will be three Drive In´s of Sound Art as a celebration of 5 years anniversary. Two connecting the south and north of Norway and one going to Iceland.

The nordic tour started in 2016 in Rebild, DK, in collaboration with Land Art Rebild/Lise Seier Pedersen and had a special design, which related to the history and landscape in Rebild. In 2017 it continued to Kartfjord, Lofoten, in collaboration with Galleri2/Vebjørg Haugene Thoe and The International Theater Festival and again with a new design and located in magnificent Kartfjord close to Stamsund. This Drive In will continue the tour to Vesterålen i 2018 in collaboration with Tine Surel Lange while the touring galleri will go to The Nordic House in Reykjavik, Iceland and some new artists are joining the group.
In Østfold county the Drive In will challenge the extraordinary nature reserve of Hvaler.

More info is coming soon.